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TriCMC 2009 Facts!

What is the TriCMC?

The TriCMC is the combination of the German (DMFK), French (FCMC) and Swiss (SUICMC) Cycle Messenger Championships.

The TriCMC will therefore take place in the three towns Lörrach (D), Huningue (F) and Basel (CH). They are all situated in a distance of less than 1 km to each other at the so called "Dreiländereck" (three country corner).

At the TriCMC we will find out who is the fastest messenger of each country. We will also determine the TriCMC overall Champion. This means that there are 4 (!) champion titles to be awarded in each discipline.

More Info on the event:

After several BCMCs and the ECMC05 the Basel Crew will host another great messenger Event!
We are going to find out who's the fastest messenger in Germany, France and Switzerland. We have a perfect Mainrace Racecourse on the Dreispitz Areal. This old industrial area with its railwaytracks, ramps, bumpy roads and even a multi storey car park will be perfect for a challenging mainrace! But there will be much more...

Check out the detailed information about specific events all online!

It's gonna be a quality courier weekend and one hell of a Party!
Soooooooo book yer tickets to Basel now!