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The "Deutsche Meisterschaft der Fahrrad-Kuriere" is held annually since 2001. After Frankfurt (2007) and Zittau (2008) the edition of 2009 will be held in the sunny south of the country - even south of the "black forest".
Several german messengers visited the Suicmc in the past and vice-verca - therefore, it is a logical step to unite the two events this year.

History of DMFK (also known as GCMC or DMK)

# Year City Host
1 2001 Wiesbaden UKW Wiesbaden
2 2002 Kassel City Express Kassel
3 2003 Dresden Im Nu
2004 Keine Ausrichtung
4 2005 Berlin Kuriergemeinschaft Berlin
5 2006 Köln Bike Syndikat / Rapido
6 2007 Frankfurt RSG Squadra Messaggeri FFM
7 2008 Zittau Second attempt e.V.
8 2009 Basel Messenger Event Organisation