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The only event that REALLY counts is the main race. It will take the whole sunday to pull it through.

But we'll still have some side events like sprints and fixed gear competitions as well as the fun stuff like bike polo, Texas twins, dancing competition, alleycats etc.

Have a look at the description of the events to find out what you'll have to do and where and when you have to be to take part....


iCal/Firefox shedule

Thursday, 6th ofAugust 2009

18h-23h: Early registration, ABX Bar, Erlenstr. 5
20h: Tour de bar Bâle (Warm up drinking with special beer prices in Basels most beautiful bars). Starting point ABX Bar.

Friday 7th of August 2009

12h-18h: Bikepolo qualification and fun stuff atNT Areal, Erlenstr. 5
12h-18h: Registration at NT Areal
20h: Three Country Alleycat (10 years on the street for Tina & Strom), Start NT Areal

20h-24h: Registration at HQ Dreispitz, Helsinki-Str. 7
23h: Welcome Party at HQ Dreispitz, Helsinki-Str. 7

Saturday 8th of August

9h: Brunch at HQ Dreispitz
10h: Individual Uphill Timetrial, Jakobsberg
12h-17h: Registration at Messeplatz
12h-15h: Bikepolo finals (Messeplatz)
15h: Sprints (Messeplatz)
17h: Skids, Backwardscircles, Trackstand, Best Trick, Footdown, Texas Twins (NT)
19h: Snack by Lily's
21h: Phipsis Three Star Alleycat
23h: TriCMC Party, Bands and Sound on a Boat!

Sunday 9th of August

08h-10h: last minute registration start/finish area
09h: Brunch at the Dreispitzareal
09h-13h: Qualification Mainrace
12h: Lunch
14h-17h: Mainrace Finals
17h-18h: Award Ceremonie
18h: Dinner
19h: Announcement of SuiCMC 2010; Open Forum for DMFK and French Championship
20h: Afterparty