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TriCMC goodies and stuff

We are in preparation of some TriCMC take-away memorabilities. Some of them are quite usual like the clothing stuff but others will be special and maybe only available in limited quantities. So better check back often or get the rss-feed to stay informed about the latest TriCMC news...
If you want any of these things for sure you can preorder and pay in advance and we will prepare and lock away whatever you want. You will get it, as soon as you receive your starting package or maybe even at the pre-event... Just let us know, what and which size and quantity you want via email and pay the total the same way as your registration.


The shirts and hoodies come from bonHoM. The young and friendly guys and gals from boNhoM not only provide stylish textiles for a reasonably prize but also do it fairtrade. So your belly will not be covered by some sort of child-work. The only way not to wear one of these shirts or hoodies is to wear nothing at all which will probably result in some niiice paintings on your skin...

Sizes are normal central-european s/m/l/xl (and probably some xxl). The shirts are 17euros / 25fränkli each and a hoody will cost 40 € / 60 Sfr.

Official TriCMC (black)

Polo Shirt (charcoal)

Polo Shirt (light-blue)

Polo Hoody

Yesterday we made some pictures with the freshly arrived clothes during the weekly polo training. Charcoal polo shirts were missing but are finished and on the way. Visit the flickr album to see more pictures of the shirts and hoodies in action.