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The TriCMC09 is organised by the association called Messenger Event Organisation (MEO) Basel. All the members of MEO have been messengers in Basel for many years. Either with Kurierzentrale or Metropolkurierr. Not only have we experience in organising messenger races (ECMC05, SUICMC00, BCMC's 02,03,04,06,07 and numerous local alleycats) but also did we travel the world to participate in events others organised for us (CMWC's, ECMC's, GCMC's,SUICMC's, X Days, Ruhrpottrocknroll, etc., etc.). Therefore we think we know what people expect and are willing to give our best to fullfill everyones wishes and make the TriCMC09 a memorable event.

Thank you for coming!

David "Vitli" Beerli (Catering & Logistics)
Jakob "Kobli" Boss (Events, Allrounder)
Dominique "Gianfett" Candik (Sponsoring, Booklet)
Thomas "Tomaso" Handschin (Finances)
Olivier "OJO" Joliat (Press)
Beda "Bedarli" Kamm (Catering)
Philip "Phibsi" Lüscher (Programming)
Andreas "Drew" Schmidt (Volunteers, Housing)
Pete "bihtnik" Stöcklin (Party, Clothing)
Jérôme "Strom" Thiriet (Events, Allrounder)
Reto "RetroZ" Zeltner (Merchandising, Promotion)
Oli "ver" Saiger (Party)