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TriCMC Prize Sponsors

we already have plenty of prize sponsors as we need 8 prizes for every discipline (and this only covering the 1st places...)

Of course all the sponsors will only appear on this list when their stuff/money has reached us!

Messenger Bags for the national champions:

Bagaboo will provide us with Messenger Bags for the national champions. With the flag of their country on the flap of course...

Gorilla Bicycles:


Dynamic Urban Cycling

Fixie Inc.:

Brooks Saddles:


UKW Wiesbaden:

Under the weather:

The nice manufacturer from Toronto will provide us with a nice custom made bag


Quality swiss made messenger bags!


Germanys top bag manufacturer from Berlin!

Cicli Berlinetta:

We thank our good friend Dustin for one of his beautiful Cicli Berlinetta wheelsets!

Chrome Bags Europe:

Thanks to Chrome for the great bags!


Fabric Horse:


KB Bags & Accessories:

Purista Bikes Osci Zellweger Winterthur:

Radsport Buda - Basel:

A triplette of Miche chains from a local bike shop with a history of track racing for your bike!

Veloemotion Riehen:

Florian, the owner of the shop is a current messenger with Kurierzentrale and won the uphill sprint at ECMC2005! He donates quality helmet for the uphill winner...


Australian made accessories! Thanks to Cat and Pretty Boy!

Keririn Berlin:

First european Trackbike Shop since 2004!

ECMC Berlin:

The amazing organisers of this years ECMC will bring some prizes they couldn't get rid off at their prizegiving. THANK YOU!


Frankfurts Courier Community. They organised DMFK in'07. Don't know what they bring. But they said they'll bring something...