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TriCMC Partner

We have support from dreispitz management for the mainrace-course, from the supplier of our fine textiles and from Basel City Industrial Works. Many more to come soon.

Place of the Mainrace:

Without the superbe suport from the dreispitz management AG the mainrace would not be halve as interesting as it will be.

Clothing and stuff:

Our fairtrade stylish clothing manufacturer. The shirts and hoodies are good looking and waiting for you!

Basel City Industrial Works:

The City Industrial Works of Basel supplied us with 1200 bottles of drinking water. They also deliver the electrical power used on our laptops, computers, mobile phones and many more. They made the TriCMC happen in a very fundamental way.


Delicious asian food: free for all registered racers on saturday evening.

TriCMC booklet design:

SODELIKAT designs the TriCMC booklet for all racers.

Masani's Ambient Media:

Masani's Ambient Media provide us with free postcard advertising all over basel.

Verein V.i.P.:

Verein V.i.P. did not hesitate to support us with a "last minute" permission for using their grounds on the NT Areal for the Polo qualification!


Dominik is a great guy and provides stickers to several messenger events. He did some for us too.