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27.07.2009   racenumbers printed

we printed the racing number during the weekend. those who paid before will have their number for sure. all who pay now or with cash at the event will have to pick a remaining free number.
all those who still pay in advance boost our fund for cold beers. just in case the racenumber wasn't incentinve enough...

21.07.2009   More triCMC Goodies

the past days more and more nice stuff reached our temporary headquarters. look at the pictures above for example: this bmc-time-trial frame awaits the fastest out of all triCMC sprinters. and the custom made limited editions triCMC pocket flask will console those not so fast... See you soon at TriCMC!

16.07.2009   Volunteers

Do you want to contribute some of your physical power to the TriCMC09? Great! We still need tons of volunteers. We have the volunteer planning online now. Check the volunteer page for more information!

10.07.2009   Bikepolo Tournament

It looks like we get a quality bikepolo competition together! Some of the best teams of Europe already registerd. There are a few spots left if you want to join....

You gotta play these fellows so far:

- panam"picon fixe"chistole
- Spassbremsen Lausanne
- Basel 1
- Basel 2
- Geneva
- Candy Colourd Clowns
- Metz, Schindel & Co
- Mallets of Mayhem
- The Hattarians

09.07.2009   we need your support

as you might notice we lost support from people who told us otherwise earlier on. this is not nice. it seems that these people intended to pick the candies first and bargain afterwards at inbelievable ridiculous levels. luckily we got the support by "hart and head" our event needs from others..
because we need to pay some bills already we need your registration fee. please send us your money as fast as you can! also if you don't pay before july 22, we can't guarantee your special starting package and your racenumber! we will randomly distribute racenumbers for people who didn't pay before this date.

05.07.2009   200 registered racers

yesterday the 200th racer got registered for TriCMC09! we are looking forward for the messenger weekend extraordinaire, fantastique, splendid!
also the first prizes reach our hq. watch the pictures of the formidable winners bags obove... do they tease you? get ready for the TriCMC challenge!

03.07.2009   The TriCMC Polo field

We booked some niece surroundings for the polo field of the TriCMC tournament! Now you can't miss the TriCMC tournament anymore or you will regret it for the rest of your life!
register your team right now! just write your team name, three team members names and starting numbers. team members must register and pay the starting fee. you will have to qualify for the saturday finals on friday or at the pre-event in geneva (best two teams of the geneva tournament are pre-qualified).

02.07.2009   Party and food!

The party on the boat saturday night is set. It looks like it's gonna rock! Check the flyer and don't miss it! Of course the entry is free for registered messengers.

We are also happy to present our food sponsor. Lilys Restaurant will feed you deliciuos asian food for dinner on saturday night. So ypu don't have to eat our lousy pasta as planned...

30.06.2009   Pre Event website online!

The amazing geneva crew is ready! Check out the pre event and register here

Some TriCMC News: We raced the first qualifcatin manifests, did the uphill-sprint, drank the fine beer we will serve you, checked out the professional mobile polo-court, etc., etc. AND IT SEEMS LIKE IT'S GONNA BE SOMETHING! We are ready. See you.

28.06.2009   Limited editions

a few days ago we received the clothes from boNhoM. today we realize some shortage already. there are only few hoodies left. we are still taking orders and will organize the stuff you ask for in july.
there are another two important things to notion: firstly we are working on a superbe starter package. but we have to limit these packages to a certain amount. the first 150 who pay their starting fee will receive this package. and because we have to print and prepare the starting number you can only choose your number if you register and pay before july the 20.
the second thing is the hospitality packages: we booked the civil shelter and we will organize food to fill your stomach. but we can't give this away for free. we will work out nice and affordable hospitality packages for you. check backs soon to get more information...

26.06.2009   events update

we have several news for events online now.
first we are proud to announce the triCMC polo tournament. registration is now open. write an email with your team name, three team members name and starting number and we will put together the qualification groups for friday. team members must register and pay the starting fee.
second we will only have a very short sprint. therefore, we have to exclude brakeless bikes for the sprints. but you can compete in the individual uphill time-trial without brakes...
check the event pages regularly for more information.

07.06.2009   two months left till TriCMC...

after the numerous exploits and many german and even more swiss wins at the ecmc in berlin the TriCMC organizers look forward seeing most of these messenger again in basel. as we got plenty of french entries already we expect head on head racing, fierce partying and paneuropean messenger culture at the famous rheinknie in basel.
we were specially happy to see the geneva guys win the polo tournament because they will host the official TriCMC pre-event. from this years polo champions there will even be a group-ride to the last years champions from basel (approx 250km distance). and maybe there will be a special polo pre-qualifier round in geneva... we will see, have a talk with the geneva crew and inform you as soon as we know more about the pre-event.
we had also good talks with city representatives about the polo tournament and sprints midtown and we are planning to have a special field boards. but we can't make an official uphillsprint on the other hand. we are in search for alternatives for all you hillclimbers out there - maybe an individual uphill timetrial...?
so there will be minor changes and updates to the shedule in the near future. regularly check back or get automatic updates with our iCal/Firefox calendar...
see you soon in basel

05.06.2009   Shirts and hoodies online

This week we received all shirts and textiles we ordered so far. We also fixed the procedures for pre-ordering. Have a look at the new TriCMC goodies webpage. We are also in contact with a local bike- and online-shop who probably will sell and also ship the stuff to you in advance. We won't do any shipping ourselves however...

26.05.2009   See you at ECMC!

The TriCMC Team will meet you at ECMC Berlin this weekend and hook you up with shirts, hoodies, flyers and other swag for TriCMC.... See you there.

22.05.2009   iCal/Firefox shedule

today I managed to set up the TriCMC shedule on an iCal/Firefox calendar. you can now conveniently stay informed about the latest TriCMC-events. just have a look in the events section...

07.05.2009   New flyer and party infos online

today we have put our new flyer on this website. so you can finally print out good news and spread them around your friends and foes. come together with the former to party till late or find out who is the stronger - you or probably the latter.
we also put first informations of the saturday party on the rhine-boat online.

04.05.2009   downtown saturday

we are in close talk with the city officials about pulling through sprints and the polo tournament finals on the messe-plaza downtown. and we already got BMC as the sponsor for the sprints competition. so prepare yourself for an action packed saturday at the TriCMC!

02.05.2009   shirts and hoodies ordered

in the past few days we were busy making our textile appeal final. now its done - the design fresh and cool, the shirts and hoodies ordered and hot looking. we will provide you soon with information on obtaining your personal collection in advance. and maybe you can get a piece already at the different messenger events during the next three months...

28.03.2009   clothing partner

we established a fruitful cooperation with the guys and gals from boNhoM a few kilometers north of the rhine-knee. They will produce niiiice shirts, hoodies and have some more stylish tricmc stuff ready for you. we will provide pictures, information and preordering instructions soon.

24.03.2009   registration false deletion

i just deleted a correct registration from a german girl. i can't remember her name but i think she lives in frankfurt and registered today!
this is my error, i just mixed up two entries. may i ask her to register again? thanks and in case you need something, just ask kobli who will return the favor for his mistake. thanks

18.03.2009   registered racers

we got some complaints from few people about the registered racers list not showing their entry. we try to filter unwanted spam entries and correct some entries manually. if you miss your name on the list just let us know and we will fix it soon.
anyhow: there are several people who already paid their registration fee. thanks and please wait for about a week for your payment to be processed by our sophisticated manually technique ;-j

09.03.2009   first sponsors added

we are happy to inform you about the first two official sponsors for our event. we now have financial backup from both messenger bureaus in basel.
we also added some new pictures to the lonesome trackstander in the left bottom corner. enjoy...

03.03.2009   updates, updates

we finally can update the racers list with the payments we received from you! In case there are double numbers the first one who pays gets the number. The other ones are randomly assigned to a number in the 900s. If you dont want this number, send us your money with your name and your desired, not yet assigned number.

If anyone able sends translations of the english news version to strom@tricmc09.ch or kobli@tricmc09.ch, we will add french news too... thanks

25.02.2009   programm update

yesterday the triCMC organizer had a talk about the shedule. we decided to split the polo tournament into a qualification round on friday and the final rounds on saturday. we simply had to avoid unforseen delay on the tight packed saturday. we will announce details about the polo tournament soon but there will be a limited number of plays on saturday, maybe finals, semifinals and even quarter finals. so if you really want to play in the finals you should consider coming as early as friday and get through the qualification rounds.

23.02.2009   payment updates: the final chapter

we now are assured that the documents required for checking your payments are on the way to us. we will update the racers list with the payment information probably this week.

20.02.2009   mainrace course news

yesterday we had a nice meeting with the people from where we will race on sunday - the dreispitz areal southeast of the city center of basel.
well the news are good news for you because you will compete in a race as realistic as it could be. railway ramps and tracks, inside building stairs and even a parking deck are all included! so you probably will need your brain and a good riding technique too - muscles only will probably be eye-catching but nothing more... We keep you informed as soon as we have details or even the map of the mainrace.

12.02.2009   payment updates

as you may already have noticed there is still no online-sign of your payment up to date. we got the information about several registered transactions on our accounts but somehow the exact details did not reach and merge into the online table. we are working on this and will inform you as soon as the payment information is updated...

10.02.2009   TriCMC Network

Hurray, we got features from all over the world but specially from the french connection. We got reviews and notions on Panamessagers, jzerozero1, somewhere on pignonfixe.com, on urbancycle and on dutch haute-courierrrr and irish dublinmessengers.
Thank you all! Your continued visits not only fuel our thrive-hungry organisation spirits but probably also will impress upcoming sponsors, media and partners! See you soon.
Sorry for not translating all news to french - i am sure the french compagnions prefer to read our news in modest english writing instead of our undergraduate french babbling. Come to Basel and teach us to improve our multilangual skills...

09.02.2009   ecmc 09 registration now open

well, finally the registration for the 2009 ECMC in Berlin is open. This is specially good news if you need more practice and training in your preparation shedule for the TriCMC! Register here, register there and get yourself in shape for an extraordinary weekend of hard racing and fierce partying in basel!
By the way: if you can't make it to berlin - invest the saved fee in your TriCMC registration and take someone else with you for free!

01.02.2009   tricmc09.ch now available in french

We finally translated the whole website into french. Have fun french people

27.01.2009   rss-feed 2

Because we don't like spam, we decided not sending you frequent emails. Instead you may want to subscribe to out brand-new rss-feed. We will only use your email-address for important and urgent updates and for individual contacts regarding your registration. Thank you.

23.01.2009   rss-feed

We updated the news-system. There is now a rss-feed you can subscribe to. Just in case you want to know the lastest changes and updates on our site.


Yesterday we got the first one-o-o racers registered! Simon "ali" Lieberg (nr. 43) started the triple numbers on our racers count! Thanks and stay tuned for the more news soon.


The Email adress for the housing department was wrong. If you want to stay at a messengers house and do some couchsurfing contact us quick via this email adress: housing@tricmc09.ch


Only 8 months to go!!!!! We finally got the new website design online. Also the payment instructions are online! So start sending us your money! Thank you.


Finally we got the new web-design. The page will be changed and fresh up just for new years eve.


We are working on a bank account for all EU-participants. So you will not get charged some extra bucks for the transfer.


We now have a total of over 70 racers registered. And the information about the payment might be online before new years eve.


There are over 50! racers already registered! We will provide payment instructions soon.
Any questions? Contact strom@tricmc09.ch


Registration now open!! New website design coming soon.


This is the temporary website of the TriCMC09. It will be translated in german and french soon to make it accessible to all our competitors!


Pre Event in Geneva!!! (31.07-03.08.2009) with ride to Basel!


TriCMC09.ch is finally online