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Main Race

The main event of the TriCMC is a pretty complex bicycle race! Three or more grueling hours of navigation through multiple checkpoints. Racers determine the fastest and most efficient route to collect and drop packages – replicating the real-life world of the urban messenger.


The qualification will be time critical - finish a bunch of jobs as fast as you can. We will have four groups of qualifiers: first we put a quota of the fastest messengers from each country on the finals table. There will also be an open quote for all others to qualify.


The mainrace finals will be timed - do as many jobs as you can in exactly three hours! Each delay in reaching the finish area leads to penalties on the final board! With each job you earn a certain amount of final-race-cash. You will have to set up the best strategy and chose between different jobs on one manifest. The winner will be the one with the most money earned during the final race.

The race-course



The Racecourse is on theDreispitz Areal. This old industrial area with its railwaytracks, ramps, bumpy roads and even a multi storey car park will be perfect for a challenging mainrace.

When: Sunday 09.08
Where: Dreispitz Areal

Größere Kartenansicht

Pictures from last years race on the same course:

Some photos taken at night:

trainyardtop bridge2parkingdeck trainyard