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Did you take pictures of the event and want to share them with all the competitors? Did you see a report on tv or an article in a newspaper? Let us know on info@tricmc09.ch!


Dominique Metz' pictures
Dominique Candiks pictures
Sarah Hiltners pictures
Obst und Gemüse Checkpoints pictures
Aurelien Labharts pictures
Michel Studers pictures
Astrid "Pixelfee" Hübners pictures
Patrick G."Realfragment" Stössers pictures
Diana "Dirty Di" Schairers pictures
Bikepolo "Wheelo" Konstanz' pictures


Tele Basel News: report


20min: article
French 20min: article
BZ: article
Sonntag: article
BaZ: preview article
lost at sea: cool preview
Dispatch 101: nice preview


Radio X Kulturtipp: broadcast (scroll down to "Kulturtipp vom 07.08. - Velokurier Meisterschaften")
Radio Basel 1: preview broadcast