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Food and beverages in Basel

Trust the long years of expertise of messengers of Basel when it comes to your physical well-being. We have put toghether a fine list of recommended restaurants, bars and places-to-be.

NT-Areal, Erlenstrasse 5

Culture, Bar and more …!

Grenzwert auf dem Sonnendeck
NT Areal, Erlenstrasse 15

Most courier friendly bar in town. Where the Basel messenger spend most of their income...

Chill am Rhy
Underneath the "Pfalz"

Great temporary outdoor lounge with a drop-dead gorgeous illumination!

Binningerstr. 14

A great garden with an even greater bar!

Das Schiff
Westquaistr. 19

Have a drink on deck! Great view to France and Germany at the same time!

St. Johanns-Rheinweg
underneath the
Johanniter Brücke

Traffic point for culture!

Klybeckstr. 1b

Classy outdoor bar on the Kasernen area!

buvette am Rhein
unterer Rheinweg

Let the sun shine at the riverbanks of the rhine!

Buvette DreiRosen
unterer Rheinweg
next by nr. 160

Laid back bar on the rhine!

Klybeckstrasse 1b

The bar of the "Kaserne" captivates you with a stylish interior!