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15.01.2010   new weblocation

we successfully moved to our new home at www.tricmc09.meobasel.ch thanks for visiting.

13.08.2009   Lost and found office

You messengers are supposed to take care of stuff. but some of you can not manage to keep their stuff together. it's a shame actually. LOST AND FOUND.

11.08.2009   Pictures

Some people were taking pictures. If you were one of them pls send us the link to your gallery to info@tricmc09.ch so we can collect them here for all the poor messenger that can not afford a camera. Thank you.

See if you can find yourself in the pictures

09.08.2009   Results

Task completed. Thanks for coming.

06.08.2009   start time qualification on sunday

those 104 people who are marked as "paid" on the website have their starting time for the qualification between 10:30 and 11:30 (or earlier if you insist). we will fill the starting slots backwards with all who pay on site so the earlier you register on site the later you may start.
you will start individually but must start within your designated slot. the exact list with your 30min slot will be posted at the headquarter and is always with our registration team. see you

05.08.2009   No fun without (messenger) work!

The TriCMC is a messenger championship. And messengers love their work. Thats why you will have to take part in the mainrace - at least the qualification - if you plan compete and even win in any of the "fun" events: bikepolo, sprints,... - you must also race on sunday!
The time slots for the qualification will be up soon.

03.08.2009   TriCMC Hotline

Only a few days left till TriCMC. Check the definite program for the location to pick up your register pack. Should you be lost when in Basel call the TriCMC Hotline and a nice person will guide you to the party, races, warm bed or whatever you need:

+4178 952 20 11

31.07.2009   Brochure and Racecourse

The TriCMC brochure is now online.
There is also the final version of the racecourse.

30.07.2009   closing of online registration

The registration for TriCMC on this website will be closed on saturday, 1/8/09. Also we cannot check your payments after this date. So register and/or ship your money now or else you will have to register on the event and empty your pockets on the events site.

29.07.2009   Racecourse

The Map of the racecourse is now online.